Andrew and I had been dating for some time at London escorts. He was one of the nicest men that I had ever met at the London escorts service I worked for, and one thing quickly lead to another. Before I knew it, we were dating privately, and were becoming a real item. I was not ready to move in with him, but things were coming around to that.


Despite being a few years older than me, I thought that he was totally adorable. Cheap escorts in London was really busy around these times, and I found it hard to keep both a personal relationship going and sticking to my London escorts pattern. Andrew wanted to spend more and more time with me but it was next to impossible to see him every day. I felt that I was coming up to a breaking point, I needed to choose between Andrew and London escorts. I did manage to get most weekends off from London escorts, and I made sure that I spent all of my time with Andrew.


Once home on a Friday night, I used to rush through all of the domestic stuff I had to do, and then debunk to his house in West London for the weekend. It was all becoming a bit too much and it felt like my feet did not touch the ground some weeks. I was so torn between my man, and my work for London escorts. After a very busy weekend I went back to London escorts more or less ready to hand in my notice. I did have a little something which I could fall back on, and in many ways, I felt that I had overstayed my time with London escorts a little bit. But I needed to give notice and in the meantime I just had to get on with me job with the escort agency in London.  My first date for the evening was a man Andrew’s age. He was very nice and we went out for a business dinner with his colleagues.


By that time, I had decided that I would give up London escorts and pursue some kind of different career. I had some money in the bank and I felt that I was ready to tackle something new. That night my head was not with me. All I could think about was Andrew and me. When my date asked me if he could take a photo of the two of us, I said yes. It was not something that I would normally now allow in case it ended up in the wrong hands. But, as I was leaving London escorts I threw caution to the wind.  Little did I know that the man I was dating was one of Andrew’s friend.


He soon circulated the photo on social media with the caption “Me and a hot girl from an elite London escorts service”.  How did I find out? The next morning Andrew called me and said that our relationship was over. He really could not handle his best friends and business colleagues knowing his pretty young girlfriend was a London escort. I learned my lesson, left the escort agency and made a pact with myself to never have another selfie snapped of me.

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